Practical Wisdom

May 27, 2009

I watched a great video of Barry Schwartz’s talk at the Ted conference on our loss of wisdom in this country.  He defines practical wisdom as the combination of moral will and moral skill – the will to do right by other people and the skill to figure out how to do what is right.  His perspective was primarily related to corporate America and our bureaucracies.  I’m finding that we have a ton of practical wisdom inside of our most disenfranchised communities.  I learn so much from so many people I am getting to know.  They are just horribly disconnected.  Here is the link to Barry’s talk:

So one of my new friends in the community wrote to me this morning in reply to my email to her:

Marie wrote:

“Like i said before many people don’t even turn their heads for people like us, but you showed us a different side. Even though we’re still trying to hold on to the good positive ways you present to us we will still believe that The Almighty has His hand on us and many others. So we thank you and all the people involved for acknowledging us and if we can be of service please call. We’re willing to help as much as possible. Thanks again!”

Manuel and Maria
Manuel and Maria

We can’t miss people like Marie and her husband Manuel…..

I don’t want to miss them.

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