Design Thinkers; the brillance of David Kelley

Aug 2, 2009

I read a great article last week from an issue of Fast Company Magazine about the brainstorming approach called design thinking.  Some say it is part art and part science.  I love the idea of a methodology that incorporates multiple disciplines and invites the world at large into the creative process.  Kelley’s firm IDEO  which established this approach called design thinking operates with a focus that lies at the intersection of insight and inspiration informed by business, technology and culture.  This kind of stuff gives me hope that we really can come up with solutions that nobody has before.  It gets even better when you read about Kelley’s willingness to share their methodology knowing that they will always be able to outdo what has been already thought of.  He doesn’t operate in the fear of scarcity.  It is a powerful combination of attitude and approach for the common good.  His next challenge?  Redesigning the way designers are educated at Stanford’s new “D School”.

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